Our Story

Many people have been asking us questions like: 
What made us start this company?
Why did we decide to do tea and coffee blends?
Did we make the tea and coffee blends ourselves?
Who are we?

We are a family owned business from Brampton, Ontario who have a passion for Tea and Coffee. Every single day. It's a must! We literally can't function without it. We start and end our days with a hot beverage. We lounge in our living room, with our hot mugs, scroll through our phones, watch T.V and bond together just like most families. 

This has been a rough year for most of us and with everything happening in the world, tea and coffee has always given us a nice warm feeling. It gives us the much needed harmony to get us through our days.  Having a Cozy beverage has become part of our everyday lifestyle. 

Which is why, we decided to launch our own tea and coffee blends and share our passion with you. We acquired tea leaves from all over the world such as Sri-Lanka, China, England, and even Canada. The list goes on and ON! We added our own twist by mixing different ingredients and tea leaves together. We tested them every night to make the perfect tea blends for you

When it comes to coffee, we did SO much research and tried to find the BEST roasted coffee for you. 

Our team consists of 3 siblings working together to make something special for you. Creating this brand not only brought us together but it made us realize how PASSIONATE we are about what we are sharing with you. 

We sincerely hope you love everything we have created for you and can't wait to hear what you all think!

Lots of Love,
Cozy Corp Team.