How to Make Loose Leaf Tea

Many people opt for tea bags when purchasing tea and can often be intimidated by loose leaves. Simply, many people aren't familiar with how to make it. But see, choosing to go with a more "convenient" way will compromise the taste of the tea. Hence, leaving a bitter aftertaste. We at Cozy Corp. will make sure you are prepared by going over 6 different ways to make loose leaf teas. It's honestly super easy! 


The first and most traditional way to make loose leaf tea is by using a teapot. In order to use a teapot you must put in the desired amount of loose leaf tea in the tea basket of the tea pot. Next, boil water separately and add it to the teapot. Once both the tea and water are in the teapot wait 3-7 minutes depending on how strong you want your tea!!! Once you have waited, remove the tea basket and pour the tea into a mug. Last but not least make sure you enjoy that steaming hot cup of tea!!! 



The second way that you can make loose leaf tea that requires no tea wear at all is steeping it in a cup. Simply add the leaves and boiling water into a cup. In this method you can just leave the tea leaves in the cup and the taste of tea will strengthen over time. The problem with this method is that the leaves may float to the top making it difficult to drink.


You can also use an infuser! This is one of the most simple and convenient ways to make tea and is a favourite here at Cozy Corp. Simply put the tea leaves in the infuser then put the infuser into a cup. Add boiling water into the cup and wait 3-7 minutes before removing the infuser. Once you remove the infuser you can get cozy and enjoy your wonderful cup of tea!!


Another item of tea wear that you can use to make our loose leaf teas is in a  tea ball. The instructions are similar to an infuser. First, add the tea leaves into a tea ball and leave it in the cup. Then, add boiling water and wait 3-7 minutes before removing the tea ball. Although tea balls are similar to infusers the one major downside is the size of a tea ball. This tool can not fit the same amount of tea that an infuser can and may be a problem depending on the amount of tea you wish to make.


The fifth way that you can make our delicious loose leaf teas is by using a strainer. The simplest way to use a strainer is by first putting the loose leaves in the strainer. Put the strainer over the cup and then pour hot water. Make sure that the leaves in the strainer are slightly submerged into the water. Next, wait 3-7 minutes and you will be able to enjoy that amazing hot cup of tea!!!

BONUS: An additional way to use a strainer to make loose leaf tea is by pouring hot water into a cup with tea leaves inside. Wait 3-7 minutes for your tea to steep and then use the strainer to pour the tea into a different cup. This additional way is a hybrid between methods 2 and 5!!!

These are the 6 different ways to make our delicious loose leaf teas. Our aim here at Cozy Corp is to ensure that you get to taste each tea the way it was meant to be tasted. Our teas are enriched with flavour and we do not want anyone to be intimidated by loose leaf tea ever again!!! The simplicity of all of these methods will ensure that you can make your loose leaf tea easily with or without any tea wear!!!