Benefits of Green Tea

We’ve all heard about green tea and how beneficial it is, but is this really true???Turns out those tea experts were right and truly onto something. 


1. Green tea has many anti-cancer properties. But let’s break this down…

Green tea contains 30% of polyphenols. What are polyphenols? Polyphenols are excellent for a variety of reasons but could be used for the prevention of cancer. 

Green tea contains a polyphenol called epigallocatechin-3-gallate also known as EGCG. This helps to minimize damage cells in our body and slow down abnormal cell replication. 

Alright so is there can association between green tea and its protective effects against the development of types of cancers?


EGCG is the most effective preventative property in green tea. Excuse me as I go brew a cup for myself. 

2. You may want to add green tea to your healthy diet…as it can be beneficial for weight management. 

Really? How? Well… it goes back to our friend EGCG. Multiple studies have proven that EGCG can positively effect weight management or weight loss.

Green tea along with exercise and a healthy diet (yes, eat your fruits and veggies guys) plus lots of water can result in being the healthiest version of you. This combination will not only help to lose weight but manage it. So maybe on your friends next birthday you can actually enjoy that slice of cake!!

3. Green tea can make you happier. Yes, you read that right. I thought I was the ONLY one who felt so good after having my cup of green heaven. 

Turns out if you drink 2-3 glasses of green tea a day, you are less likely to experience depressive symptoms. Green tea consumption increases dopamine and serotonin which are important in reducing symptoms of depression. 

Green tea contains L-theanine which has strong calming effects and can be helpful in combating anxiety and stress. 

So while you are on your journey with self-care…exercising, eating right, journaling, or meditating…try adding a cup of green tea 

Not only does green tea have so many good health benefits, it tastes amazing! 

Luckily here at Cozy Corp. We have our Mazedar Green Tea. This blend originated from Afghanistan and is so good for you. 

Stay Cozy. 


Saina Goswami and Anmol Gill


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